Nourish Your Soul at a

Women’s Sacred Retreat

5 precious days just for you in beautiful remote Bali!

Make 2019 your year to shine! Step up and take hold of your dreams and desires. Join the global shift for women to embrace their true power.

Are you ready to join us?

We will begin a five-day adventure of the soul, fully focusing on you and your empowerment to ignite your success in 2019.

Connect. Nourish. Rejuvenate.

Activate & Unearth the powerful & fearless woman you really are!


Escape to the tranquillity for five incredible days at a beautiful eco-lux haven. Invigorate your spirit, nourish your soul and ignite your consciousness.


Engage, activate and draw out your inner power.


Workshops and cultural activities will inspire exploration, motivation and profound discovery and healing on many levels.

A program of workshops to  renovate your beliefs

Unconscious and limiting beliefs are what hold you (and all of us) back. During the retreat we look at:

How such beliefs show up in a range of emotions.

How these beliefs prevent or hinder your happiness and success.

How to transform emotions like fear, depression, powerlessness, insecurity, guilt, unworthiness.

How to address and even eradicate emotions like jealousy, rage, blame, worry, doubt & disappointment.

Discover what your soul is reaching out to tell you

Any and all of these emotions are your soul’s communication. 
They are showing you that these beliefs are not serving you or your higher purpose and need to be moved on.

During this incredible retreat and five-day experience, you’ll learn to interpret your soul’s communication and discover how to live fearlessly and inspirationally by;

Managing, transforming and moving through beliefs that don’t serve you.

Techniques to connect with your body, mind and spirit.

The enjoyment of deep connection with self and others.

Learn how to draw out your inner power so you can step into the greatness of who you truly are by;

Creating a plan to live to your truest potential.

Creating a plan to live to your truest potential.

Creating a plan to live to your truest potential.

Creating a plan to live to your truest potential.

Invigorate your spirit & prepare for your success!

Take the first step towards a true, heart-centred life