Communication & Complaints for Frontline Staff

Tools and techniques that you can use to create outstanding results

Communications skills are the heart of customer service.


Communication skills sound so easy and yet many staff are under skilled or have forgotten how to apply the skills when dealing with customers. This is especially true in situations of customer dis-satisfaction.

Current data indicates that the majority of complaints received in an organisation include a communications component.

Imagine being able to minimise the number of potential complaints by staff taking appropriate action at the earliest point of service possible and communicating with the other person with dignity and respect. Imagine being able to enhance cooperation and understanding and demonstrate empathy in any situation.

To be effective in any business you must communicate well. This is non-negotiable for success.

Book a workshop today. Customer service is communication in action!

What women are saying

Surya is a fab presenter and made the room feel included.

Cindy, Darwin

Surya brings a rare wisdom to her work.
She is warm, focused, intelligent and results-driven. 
Her sessions are rich and relevant, planned yet flexible, 
always ready to respond to the need being expressed in the moment. 
It was a pleasure to engage with her.”