Communication Skills & Managing Complaints

Tools and techniques that you can use to create outstanding results

People complain when they have unmet needs and expectations.


Developing a relationship between a complaints resolution system and a quality improvement system offers the opportunity for managers to support high level customer service whilst encouraging feedback from consumers.

In the paradigm of a positive complaints culture, customers are empowered to speak up and know that their feedback is taken seriously. Agencies view complaints as welcome and receive them as an opportunity for improvement.

This workshop focuses on the skills of managing both customers and staff in the complaint process.

It supports the practice of a consumer centred culture whereby many issues can be addressed before they escalate into formal complaints.

Communicating with integrity, empathy and respect whilst assessing what is being sought by the complainant is emphasised in the program.

Individual and system improvement are key outcomes.

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Create a positive complaints culture and experience the power of the paradigm!

What women are saying

A workshop with a difference. The science behind why we do things helps to be aware of actions.

Cindy, Darwin

Surya brings a rare wisdom to her work.
She is warm, focused, intelligent and results-driven. 
Her sessions are rich and relevant, planned yet flexible, 
always ready to respond to the need being expressed in the moment. 
It was a pleasure to engage with her.”