Supporting Business Women and Organisations to Achieve Outstanding Results


Professional development for both business women and organisations has been the focus of Surya ‘s work for more than 30 years. She’s an expert in the field of coaching, mentoring and facilitation and has worked across many diverse areas of the industry .

Surya works with organisations seeking to grow and develop their capacity in order to achieve outstanding re­sults. Her work in the Women and Leadership domain has received high acclaim from women business owners around the Territory .

Leadership is a challenge at the best of times. Inside of the global pandemic, business is far from normal. Many businesses are needing to pivot because people’s needs and buyer behaviour has changed. That means many businesses need to change as well.

As people manage so much change in the uncertain times in which we currently operate, business owners learn that there is always a solution and they are part of that solution.

Surya ‘s approach is focused on three main areas of support and direction. Each of these areas is essential to make whatever pivot may be necessary in the current climate.

The mindset required to enhance business performance

The skillset required to find innovative solutions applicable to their business

The action-set necessary to create continuous improvement and achieve the desired outcomes and results

Surya’s background includes:


– Coaching many women in business to work through whatever issues they experience to in order to achieve the success they desire

– Mentoring women in leadership as part of a Northern Territory Public Service Program

– Mentoring women in business

– Extensive facilitation of programs including:

– Fearless Leadership for Women presented around the Territory

– Women, mindset and Success

– Powerful presentation skills

– Communication and minimising complaints for both Frontline staff and Management

– Appropriate workplace behaviours

– Maximising the potential of staff and management.

Surya’s formal qualifications include:

Batchelor of Adult and Vocational Education

Diploma of Business in Frontline Management

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults

Master Coach

What women are saying

“Surya brings a rare wisdom to her work.
She is warm, focussed, intelligent and results-driven.
Her sessions are rich and relevant, planned yet flexible,
always ready to respond to the need being expressed in the moment.
It was a pleasure to engage with her”. 

Biff Ward, Director Spectra Consultants (ret.)

Surya brings a rare wisdom to her work.
She is warm, focused, intelligent and results-driven. 
Her sessions are rich and relevant, planned yet flexible, 
always ready to respond to the need being expressed in the moment. 
It was a pleasure to engage with her.”