About Surya

Spiritual Coach, Healer & Educator

This is the story of myself as a young woman and what shaped and inspired me to reach for a meaningful life.

I’m Surya Silva, Spiritual Coach, Healer & Educator. I live in Darwin in the Northern Territory.

The empowerment of women has been the focus of my work for 40+ years. I’ve worked with and guided hundreds of women in Australia and overseas and I know that I’ve made a difference in the lives of many of those women.

It took many twists and turns and some years to arrive at this place of the heart and soul.

I was raised in full-on domestic violence and abuse. I witnessed my mother’s lack of capacity and responsibility and the impact that had on my three sisters and myself. We learnt the skills of dodging, hiding, consoling, confronting, retreating and staying alive.

When I left the family home as a teenager, I repeated the pattern of a violent relationship because that’s all I’d known. Familial patterns of abuse had become so entrenched, that this became the choice I made.

Life was tough. Looking back I marvel that I even stayed alive in the circumstances. However, I did survive, stumbling and struggling for years with little zest for life. The journey was harsh, with challenges insurmountable. Often, I didn’t want to live at all.

A serious health crisis, resulting from a life-threatening, botched medical procedure in my early twenties, was the catalyst for me to begin the process of healing.

By the age of 24, I had endured five gynaecological operations with the last one resulting in a radical hysterectomy. The outcome of that has had a lasting impact on my life. A part of me knew I had to turn my life around; but how does a traumatised young woman, whose major skill was mere survival in a brutal world, begin to find a way through her confusing and cruel maze of life?

I consulted with my local doctor who also practised hypnotherapy. He quickly and compassionately referred me to a psychiatrist and informed me that my mental health was way beyond his skills to help me.

The psychiatrist and I sat in uncomfortable silence, three times a week, for a couple of weeks until I stopped attending the sessions. There was no point going home feeling far worse than when I arrived! A report from her arrived a month later, informing me I was a complete failure and that I would never amount to ANYTHING. I didn’t recognise it at the time, but that was a gift.

Given all the operations, all the medications, legal drugs and the emotional and physical turmoil in which I still lived, my body, mind and spirit were in grave need of serious attention.

A chance encounter with world-renowned, holistic health guru, Dorothy Hall, was the turning point in my life. Studying with her set me on a path to becoming the healer that I am. I still give thanks to Dorothy Hall for her knowledge and inspiration.

A journey of healing often entails the adage ‘worse before better’ and that was absolutely true for me. At times I was daunted and frightened because as I confronted my early life, more and more issues were revealed.

Re-aligning my physical body and dealing with all the trauma held in the cells of my body, took a considerable investment of time, resolve and resources.

Learning to understand my emotional patterns and narratives required a whole new approach. I spent many hours in therapeutic discovery; reactions of sadness, betrayal, rage, abuse, grief and so much more were examined.

The journey took years of consultation with skilled and brilliant healers and therapists. I forewent any chance of holidays to fund my healing and recovery. Slowly, I created a brand new life, and as my studies progressed my overall health and happiness improved. I became my own creation.

However, all was not well. In my early thirties, I was given a devastating diagnosis, my second health scare. I could either have accepted the diagnosis or sought a solution and I chose to fight for my life. Thankfully, I was far more aware the second time around due to my newfound wholistic health approach.

Determination kicked into triumphing over that frightening diagnosis. I discovered my internal depths of discipline, focus and intention to do all that I could do to take control of my health. I celebrate that achievement every day!

Way back, before the time of my first health scare, before any of my abuse and trauma had been processed, I had found myself saying that there “had to be more to life than the hell” I was enduring. After an epiphany, I resolved to spend the rest of my life dedicated to Social Justice and the Empowerment of Women. That resolve was and still is, my raison d’etre.

Through the years I studied with and was mentored by some of the greatest teachers of our time. I honour each of those guides, mentors and coaches for all they shared and imparted during my search for a meaningful life. In truth, I’ve never stopped learning and incorporating higher awareness and consciousness into the work I offer and the way in which I live.

My Wisdom has grown out of the mire into a lotus flower which blooms in beautiful colours.

What a fulfilling journey my life has been. Negativity has been turned into positivity and productivity. My heart has opened and life has become full of joy and adventure.

The truth of what I know is that:

Healing, change and growth is possible

Moving on from the limitations of life, either internal or external, is possible

Shifting old beliefs and stories to open to new possibilities is possible

Becoming the superb woman you were born to be is possible

Leading as a strong woman in these times of change is possible

Developing the courage and confidence to acknowledge your own greatness is possible

Stepping up to being the bold, brave and brilliant woman that is your birthright is possible!

Are you ready for the next adventure of your life?

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With love & Blessings,

“Surya guides women in their quest to heal themselves, attain inner wisdom and to love their life. She exudes love.”