About Surya

Transformational Educator, Facilitator of Programs, Life Success for Women Coach,
Mindset Mentor, Public Speaker, Healer and Story Teller

If you’ve clicked on this page then perhaps you’re interested to know a little about who I am and the work I offer.

Transformational education, coaching and healing have been the basis of my work for more than 30 years.

I’m a published author of articles printed in magazines in the United Kingdom. Plus I’ve had the opportunity to co-create two books; one with participants in a particular program. And one with workers on a project designed to record an Indigenous story.

Hundreds of educational programs have been researched, designed and facilitated across Australia with people from many walks of life attending. The programs have included countless aspects of personal and professional development with pleasing outcomes being enjoyed for those attending. As I continued my own education, much of that material has been integrated into the programs.

Early on in my career I trained as a naturopath and studied many forms of healing. That has provided the opportunity to integrate those modalities into the heart-based coaching that I thoroughly enjoying offering today.

Indeed coaching and education go hand in hand in my work and I’ve had the privilege of working with many marvellous women who have achieved some wonderful results for themselves.


However, it hasn’t always been like this. Growing up in domestic violence I saw my mother’s lack of choices and the impact that had on her and her children. Of course, that’s how it was for women of her generation. Unfortunately, I repeated the patterns of abuse and was initially attracted to violent relationships as well. One part of me knew I had to do something different. Only I had no idea how to go about that change.

It took a serious health crisis in my early twenties for me to wake up enough to begin the process of growing and healing. The second health scare came in my early thirties and by now the commitment to heal and grow became a vital part of my life.

A search now began to find out how to turn my life around. I was fortunate to study with and be mentored by some of the greatest teachers of our time. I honour each of them for all they shared with me and for all that I learnt in my quest to create a meaningful life.


My commitment to the empowerment of women in all their different life scenarios has been fueled by my desire for women to have the knowledge, the education, the choices, the happiness and success they desire. For without that knowledge, tools and techniques it’s almost impossible to achieve the life so many of us seek.

What a journey it has been. It’s had all the usual ups and downs. The highs and the lows. The joy and the sadness. There have been many tears. And many celebrations. And yet for all the challenges and growing pains that have been experienced, I wouldn’t trade that journey for anything.

The reality is that life wants us to grow. If we’re not growing we’re dying in frustration and with a secret yearning for something more.

The truth of what I know is that:

Healing, change and growth is possible

Moving on from the limitations of life, either internal or external, is possible

Shifting old beliefs and stories to open to new possibilities is possible

Becoming the superb woman you were born to be is possible

Leading as a strong woman in these times of change is possible

Developing the courage and confidence to acknowledge your own greatness is possible

Stepping up to being the bold, brave and brilliant woman that is your birthright is possible!

Are you ready for the next adventure of your life?

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All the best.

With love & Blessings, Surya

There is a global shift in consciousness happening and women
all around the world are hearing the call to live and leave in new ways.

I am one of the women leading in this field.