As I talk with many women, there is an underlying theme happening right now. For many women are struggling. 

Perhaps this has to with the economic situation. Perhaps it has to do with their mindset. Perhaps it’s the stress in their lives. Perhaps it’s something else.

The reality is with so many women struggling to come to terms with their current situation, I want to do something to support you through this time. Some of you will know me through the training programs that I’ve facilitated. Some will know me through my coaching programs. 

For me education and coaching go hand in hand in dealing with life scenarios, challenges and joys. 

Coaching has emerged as one of the most influential and transformational activities in which women can partake.

Plus, we know that in order to make more informed choices in life, we have to have the education to know we have options in our decision making.  

Throughout the past decades I’ve coached many, many women to move towards their dreams and visions in life, to solve particular issues and create the life of their choice. 

Here’s what Kimberley says:

what I really appreciated working with you, is how you helped me navigate through an overwhelming situation. 

With your guidance, I felt capable, competent and satisfied with my position. You have an ability to impart confidence and belief in one’s self.

Nicole tells us: 

I have been searching for a long time for guidance to assist me out of the rut I have been stuck in, to make me aware of my own potential, to wake me from the dream state I have been living in.
I definitely found this, and so much more with you and your amazing program.

I want to make a difference for those women who are struggling right now.  

Therefore, I’ve decided to offer coaching on a 2 for 1 basis for the next three weeks.

That means you pay $189.00 for 1 coaching session with me and receive 2 coaching sessions. Each session is up to 75 minutes.
You gain you very high value and the opportunity to really move forward with the particular issues of concern for you right now.

If happiness, contentment and success are eluding you right now, then take up the offer whilst it’s still available.

Email me at: [email protected] to make your appointment and let me know that you are responding to this email.

The coaching will take place face to face, by phone or on Zoom (an online platform that is very easy to use. You just click onto a link that I’ll send you). Wishing you all the best and I look forward to hearing from you.