In the course of my work, I have the marvelous opportunity to coach many women.

One of the themes that runs for many women is the self talk that is less than helpful and which happens on a very regular basis.

In fact, when watching a webinar last week I heard this wonderful quote that goes like this: if we spoke to our friends how we speak to ourselves, we’d not have any friends!

Obviously, being friends with yourself is paramount to living a life of happiness, gratitude and contentment.

So I have an experiment for you: could you go for one whole hour today without any negative thoughts at all? 

That includes being frustrated, irritable, critical, judgmental, angry, put downs, complaining to yourself, disappointments, fear or anxiety or off hand comments of any description.

Many people have participated is similar experiments and discovered that starting with one hour of zero negativity is quite a big wake up call. So be prepared for many negative thoughts to pass your mind in that one simple hour.

To counteract that, use the 3:1 principle and for every negative thought, counteract it with three positive ones. Write down the negative thoughts and observe any patterns you can see.

Make a promise to yourself that once you achieve one hour free of negative thoughts, you’ll give yourself a treat. This will activate certain parts of the brain to create success.

Self awareness is key in personal and professional growth and will catapult you into growing into the woman you desire to be and assist in every type of relationship in your life.

I’d love to hear your feedback about what you learn as you take up this mission!