Here we are at the end of May and if you’re anything like me, you’re wondering where the year is going?

Our world is changing so fast these days and the stress of managing all our commitments is having a big impact on many women.

Some of you know that I’m passionate about neuroscience and the wonderful techniques we can use to support ourselves. 

So today I’m sharing a neuro tip  that will increase your brain function and reduce some of the stress. It comes from Mark Waldman and his brain training programs. 

Here is the NeuroTip 

“Set your mindfulness clock (or any timer) to ring once an hour.

Take 60 seconds to yawn, stretch, and relax. 
Take another 60 seconds to do something physically pleasurable. 
Then take 60 seconds to savour a positive experience you had in the previous hour, and write down one thing or person you feel grateful for. 
Do this every hour during your work day for 8 weeks. 

If we were to put you into a brain scanner, we’d see a 10-25% improvement in many functions of your brain!”

I’d love to hear how it works for you.