What changes would you make in your life/work/business if you were living the life of your dreams?

All of us are conditioned to live the exact life we are experiencing. The conditioning that goes into the body/mind system as young women develops habits in the subconscious mind that we play out for the rest of our lives unless we become aware of and begin to change them. 
Neuroscience tells us that once habit loops are formed they can dominate our lives. Unfortunately, sometimes these habit circuits cause chaos and cognitive dissonance kicks in. 

The old stories, the itty bitty chitty committee as I call it, starts to run thoughts such as: “change isn’t good for you, change is painful, you’re doing your best and trying so hard, life is tough, business is tough” etc.  

The result of such cognitive chaos is that we feel exhausted, we make mistakes, fatigue takes over and all too often we’ll settle for what we know. By the way, that’s when the yearning kicks in and we feel frustrated and irritable with life.

One of the ways that we can interrupt these patterns is to create a new self-image and begin to reprogram the subconscious mind. Write a new script for yourself as if it were a movie.

The important things here is to make yourself the star. Write the movie script in detail exactly as you want to live your life. Include any part of your life that you want to upgrade.
Everyone one of us has the potential to create the exact life that we want to live. It’s a matter of recognising the old patterns and reconditioning yourself for something better.

We used to think it took 21 days to establish new habits. Neuroscience now tells us it’s actually 65 days. So repetition is crucial. Run your new movie in your mind first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

If you’re unsure about the patterns that you think keep you stuck, reach out to me and we can work together to shift the old programs.

Remember: you are more than worthy to create all the success in life that you desire!