Here we are in February and the Chinese Year of the Earth Pig. This year promises to be very different from 2018 and I know many of us will be thankful for that! 

Last year was one of clearing old issues and beliefs that held us back or needed to be dealt with. Secret squirrel matters were revealed and asked to be resolved.   

Apparently, this year will be one of life moving fast, taking a wild ride to paraphrase Sarah McCrum and will require incredible balance and focus to stay on track.

If we are to have a year of fast energy, maintaining balance in all aspects of our lives becomes essential. Staying stuck in old habits, beliefs or stories we tell ourselves will not be an option. It’s time to step up and step out.

In a year such as this, it becomes all the more important to create a crystal clear strategy for yourself and combine that with powerful mindset practices. This requires commitment and focus. Mindset work never stops. It’s a daily practice that will serve you well.

The energy of possibility is with us in 2019. Can you feel the energy shift? 
Possibilities become probabilities. That’s exciting and wonderful if you are willing to manage yourself through the ebbs and flows.

Here are some questions to assist you to tune into the possibilities that 2019 offer:

• What do you yearn to do that you haven’t done in a long time?
• What really ignites your passion and creativity in life?
• How often are you pursuing this activity of passion or creativity?
• And what would you really love to do? 

I often talk about the power of the imaginal realm. For once you can see it, feel it, hear it, sense it and you add strong emotion, you are beginning to bring that desire into fruition.

Spend some time reflecting on what you truly desire for 2019. As I said earlier be crystal clear about it, for with the speed of energy in 2019, it’s likely to happen faster than your previous experiences.

Remember, successful women combine strategy with mindset. Activate the powerful woman you really are in 2019 and watch your life unfold.