What are you planning for 2019? Will it be more of the same or will you take the moment to expand, grow and so something different this year?

We all have the opportunity to create the life we’ve dreamt about by focussing our thoughts, actions, behaviours and decisions to take us towards those desires.

When coaching the women with whom I work I suggest there are four main areas of life in which to be clear:

• Relationships with family, friends, colleagues and associates
• Body, mind and spirit health including emotional health and well-being
• Financial health and focus so that you have the opportunity to fulfil those desires
• Work, career, business and work of service (community volunteering).

Are you satisfied with your life in all four quadrants?

2018 was a tough year for many women. It challenged us to look more deeply into ourselves and see where we needed to grow. And of course, if we’re not growing, we’re stagnating and this is where frustration builds up.
2019 is a much easier year energetically which means that bringing your dreams into fruition will happen with far more ease and grace. However, it still requires focus.

Do you create intentions in your life? An intention is where you make a decision that you are working towards a specific outcome and that you will take the necessary actions to achieve that result. 

You hold the intention very strongly and continue to remind yourself of the focus of the decision throughout the year.

In personal and professional development circles, intentions are much stronger than New Year resolutions. The former, the intention, is something you work towards. Whereas New Year resolutions fade very quickly, often with the first weeks or couple of months.

Successful women know that they require both strategy plus powerful mindset in order to achieve their dreams and desires. They also know that working on their mindset never stops and must become a daily habit.

If you’re attended some of my programs, had coaching with me or have been reading my newsletters, you’ll remember that change can only happen from the subconscious mind. 90% of how you operate comes from the subconscious patterning. 

The only way to long lasting success is to shift the old stories and paradigms that keep the wheels spinning. 

So for 2019, create an intention for yourself. Keep noticing the itty bitty shitty committee that happens in your mind and replace it with current and positive stories.