NeuroWisdom and the Secrets to Happiness and Success is an eBook by Mark Waldman who is one of the world’s’ leading experts on communication, spirituality, and the brain.

Neuroscience offers us the opportunity to train our brain with simple techniques that are based in the extensive research being conducted into how the brain actually works.

Today I’m sharing with some excerpts from Mark’s eBook. I quote directly from his work. “…if you continuously repeat a single word that has deep value to you, you can turn on 1200 stress-reducing genes.

If you visualise your goal with clear images, it will be easier for your brain to accomplish it. 

And if you know what type of long-term work or project would bring you satisfaction, and can commit yourself to it, you’ll build a sense of life-satisfaction that will reduce depression and anxiety. 

In business, when you reflect on your inner values several times throughout the day, you’ll eliminate most of your daily stress. 

When you speak slowly and briefly, you’ll influence more people on your team. 

And if recall a pleasant memory, it can generate a “Mona Lisa” smile on your face that instantly triggers neurological trust. 

One of the most powerful strategies I’ve developed grew out of our brain-scan research on meditation. 

It involves creating a C.R.A.P Board (which stands for conflicts, resistances, anxieties, and other problems) on which you list all of your weaknesses, worries, and fears. 

You fill up an entire page, and then you begin to gaze at your list as you focus on your deepest values and recall pleasant and loving memories from the past. 

In less than ten minutes, your conscious mind disconnects from the emotional memories tied to the words you wrote on your C.R.A.P. Board. 

Then all you have to do is post it near your workplace. But don’t throw it away. If you do, your right prefrontal cortex will start to worry about the things you put on the list!”

Personally, I love Neuroscience and I offer these simple techniques so that you too can enjoy the benefits of training your brain into achieving the happiness and success you desire in every part of your life.