Have you ever heard yourself saying: “I just need to talk with someone”? 
Last week three different women said that to me. Plus I said it myself to someone else.

Sometimes we all “need someone to talk to” who is objective from the situation rather than someone close to us who may or may not be able to ask the right sort of questions.

One of the things I love about coaching women is my ability to step back and see the bigger picture so that I can reflect this back to them.
It’s so easy to be caught in our own thinking patterns about a situation. And let’s face it, the subjective view is often not one that gives us new perspective on any situation.

Asking higher level questions becomes essential in such times. Because lower level thinking keeps us on the merry go round. That means we can be thinking in circles. When actually we’re looking for a way to get off the Ferris wheel.

Do you relate to this? Do you recognise yourself at this point in the past week, month or more? Do you ever come to a place in your life whereby you’re seeking some clarity about a situation or you don’t understand what is happening in your life? Or perhaps you’re seeking new direction and want to talk with someone for some guidance.

So what is a higher level question? It’s the type of question that asks us to think in a different way. To think is a more expansive way. To go beyond that which we already know. It’s to think more broadly, or more deeply and view the situation, our thoughts and feelings from a new framework. 
It can be hard, in fact almost impossible, to do that on our own. That saying of ‘we can’t see the wood from the trees’ is linked to what I’m saying here. We “need to talk with someone” to find a way through the maize and come out the other side with some clarity. Even if the clarity is only temporary, it moves us from the fog so that we can move forward again.

So many people ‘listen to speak and not listen to hear’. I’m sure you know what I mean with that.

Last week I chose to speak with someone who is fabulous at hearing between the lines. It was such a relief to be heard in this way. She coached me through the intensity of what I was feeling just as I might coach another woman in a similar situation. 

I ended the call smiling instead of frowning and that was such a delight. I’ve given thanks every day for having her in my life.

If ever you “need to talk with someone”, I work from a heart-centred approach that is based in my three decades of knowledge, skills and wisdom. 

Over those decades I’ve worked with many women on a vast variety of issues in order for the particular woman to achieve that which she desired in her life.

If I can be of assistance to you to move forward in your life, then it will be pleasure to support you.