Are you still struggling to become the

Big, Bold, Brave, Brilliant Woman

you were born to be?

Surya Silva

Transformational Educator, Coach & Healer

Become to best version of yourself in every part of your life!


Do you feel you’re capable of more, yet it seems just out of your reach?

You can find your voice and live your vision!

You can live a life of confidence, meaning and purpose!

You can live an inspired and enriched life!

Purple Lotus - Surya Silva

Become the stronger, more empowered version of yourself

through Life Success for Women Coaching and Mindset Mentoring

The skills, knowledge & awareness you need for life, career & business

through woman-led workshops  to create the results you desire

Creating & nurturing solid, sustainable business with heart

through collaboration & partnership with a community of like-minded women

The 4 Elements of Success

Ongoing support and guidance from a skilled Life Success for Women coach or mentor

Education programs that ignite a fire in your belly to learn and grow

A community of like-minded women for support and encouragement

The opportunity to integrate all that you are learning

What women are saying

Do yourself a favour.
Self-awareness creates growth and freedom. Emotional intelligence as a leader is critical. Surya has created an amazing program to facilitate this!



Surya is so knowledgable and I loved her holistic approach. I will definitely be contacting her for more advice.


Alice Springs

I’ve been searching for a long time for guidance to assist me out of the rut I have been stuck in, to make me aware of my own potential. I found this, and so much more, with you and your amazing program.